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Best sun cap/hat protection for wsurfing?

Created by fpw9082 Two weeks ago, 20 Jun 2020
QLD, 117 posts
20 Jun 2020 6:16AM
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what is best sun cap/hat protection during wsurfing?

QLD, 402 posts
20 Jun 2020 7:30AM
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I use a Dakine hat. It does the job and is waterproof, reasonably comfortable too. There are others out there. Some use a plain old cap so it comes down to personal preference. I like the ones with a chin strap so it does not blow away. Some hats probably have zip pockets for keys wallett and phone, but do you really need it? I did hear of a guy whose hat blew off during a fast run. He turned downwind to retrieve it but failed to see the sandbank between him and the floating hat.

WA, 151 posts
20 Jun 2020 6:40AM
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Surf hats with a stiff front brim and removeable legionnaires flap are very good. Dakine, O&E make them.

WA, 592 posts
20 Jun 2020 7:18AM
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FCS do a good bucket hat with a stiff brim
if you prefer a cap, I got an Ocean and Earth mesh Truckers Surf cap, which has a strap. I've been happy with that too

QLD, 1778 posts
20 Jun 2020 9:52AM
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+1 for O+E bucket hat. Keeps my glasses from flying off mid catapult.

QLD, 7399 posts
20 Jun 2020 2:34PM
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I have a RipCurl bucket hat. It's much the same as the FCS, Indo, etc with a neoprene chin strap for stretchy comfort. I had to add a strap around the back of my head to stop it falling off whenever my head went under. A shoelace through the vent holes and over the top did the trick.

QLD, 330 posts
20 Jun 2020 10:11PM
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FK H 2 O hat - stays on, great protection, lasting well so far

QLD, 2059 posts
21 Jun 2020 8:21AM
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I liked and wore the FCS bucket hat for 4 seasons. I now wear the Garth helmet my wife bought me for Christmas.

WA, 836 posts
21 Jun 2020 7:10AM
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Gath helmet peak or full face visor best way to keep the sun off windsurfing.

VIC, 5019 posts
21 Jun 2020 1:29PM
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A helmet that covers the ears and has a peak to shade the face. .

Add a neck shade tail where nessasary, but is generally less needed as the back of the neck is generally shaded a bit by the body leaning back.

WA, 224 posts
21 Jun 2020 11:43AM
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My biggest concern is is sun exposure on the ears, I've been surprised at the number of people I know who have had bits taken off them to remove spots that were turning nasty. As a result I wear a helmet that covers my ears almost all the time, although will wear a Tilley hat in light conditions. Tilley hat has a small amount of closed cell foam in the crown so will float if it comes off in a fall

WA, 592 posts
21 Jun 2020 1:20PM
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Good point point Pacey. My ears are getting a bit munted, my cap's not the best for that. Might have to go back to the bucket hat. I removed the ear covers from my Gath as I didn't like the wind noise


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