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Bompora Capricorn spare parts

Created by Griffle > 9 months ago, 2 Feb 2010
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2 Feb 2010 8:07AM
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Hi All,

I am hoping that someone can help me directly or point me to a business that may have the 3 parts that I am chasing for a Bombora Capricorn sailboard that I recently purchased. It looks like a good learner/intermediate board though I am not familiar with this model...any good/bad comments would also be appreciated.

What I am after:
The mast foot was broken and I need a new universal attachment to connect the mast base to the mast track.
I am also after an original rear fin (skeg) or good substitute that will suit this board. It currently is missing and I have no idea what size/shape fin came with the original board. It has a standard looking fin slot(box) so any fin could be used but I am keen to get something suitable for this board.
Finally it came with a short centreboard which is for high wind use but it looks like a longer swivel centreboard should be used for lighter conditions.
Are parts for Bomboras still available anywhere or is eBay searching my only option. I am located in Melbourne.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Feb 2010 11:17AM
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I'm not too familiar with this board. You should be able to find a back fin or skeg for it without any problems. The Bomboras I know either had a standard US fin box or a powerbox. Both fin types are available.

With the mast foot, what sort of mast track does the board have? Is it a US finbox type where you place a plate and then screw the base in or is it another type? If its the finbox type of mast track again you will have no problem sourcing a new mast base. If its another sort of sliding track you may have difficulties and it will probably be best to go to a windsurfing shop to see if they can help, if there is one closeby.

With your centreboard, again its probably best to go to a local windsurfing shop and see if they have anything that fits. I don't think the Capricornia was designed for racing so its unlikely it was designed to use a big centreboard but if you find one that fits, it will help light wind performance. I'm not sure if parts for Bombora are still available. They were a popular brand so you should be able to track some parts down one way or another.

Have fun.

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2 Feb 2010 2:48PM
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Just looked at a photo of a capricorn that just sold on ebay in melbourne [ Item number: 290393887668 3rd pic along] and it has what looks like a similar design to what was on my more modern shortboard bombora.

A moulded plastic rectangular top cover that goes over a bottom plate and the bottom plate has two bolts with flat nut plates. of normal mast track design...
so a two bolt design.

2 screws are undone on the top moulding making it possible to slide forward or backwards on the bottom plate. [onto this setup went a knurled knob that twisted into position.] see photo below.

if I am correct the photo shows the part that is usually broken or missing,

indeed in the ebay capricorn it looks like this is missing assuming that what i can see in the photo is as I describe above.

...if this is the type ? then a simple fin box mast base of any description would be appropriate to totally replace what is still left of said base...mine was in pink plastic and the one on the ebay listing the same...if you obtained this board then you may be lucky to simply fit a finbox mastbase design in place of the structure...this photo looks similar to mine but the track does look different sturdier....perhaps an aluminium mast box.

a simple way to test is to measure the width of the finbox slot and if the mast base slot is similar width then you are inbusiness with modern bases.

even if the mastbase slot is wider than the fin slot then a simple wider bottom nut can be made from sheet stainless and a thread put in it to take a standard fin slot mast base...simple as that...most moving mast tracks from nearly any longboard can be fitted with a modern mast base by simply making a wider bottom threaded plate after removing all the moving parts, obviously the mast base can not be moved while saling,.

hope this is helpful

I am after for my older Bombora longboard the round mast base that goes directly into a hole with a tab that stops the round male nose turning so the upper section turns and compresses a rubber o ring which expands and grips the internal female hole thus creating friction to hold it in place, the top of it is a serated circular handhold, which has a rectangular base with a rope tendon which connects into a bullet shaped mast plug..

there usually are two mounting holes on board all earlier bomboras that used this, later ones used the fin box mast track system that is standard today,
asking if anyone can supply one, id even buy a complete smaller board if it had one so i can use the longboard

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2 Feb 2010 5:32PM
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Hi Griffle,
I actually used to work for Bombora and even helped in the design of the Capricorn.
The centreboard you describe sounds like the correct one for the board. It was only sold with one style so there was no high wind option. The centreboard should retract right up inside the board when swept forward. I even still have a Capricorn at home that my wife and kids ride so if you need photos I can help out to see if you need to match them.
The standard fin was a plastic US box style with a cutaway at the base. Pretty much any US box fin will work though so don't think you nescessarily have to get the original. I wish you'd put this post up 3 months ago when I went through my old spares and chucked away probably 10 of those old style fins
Re the mast foot give Sam or Chris a call at Wind Surf N Snow in Sydney, I think they have some spares still.

Good luck and happy sailing.

Warren Francis
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2 Feb 2010 9:56PM
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Any fin will do, just has to not wobble toooo much!!!!

Take the Board to Ivan from SHQ and he will quickly sort out a mastbase for you...

Centerboard, the regatta Bombora had a longer model centerboard, i luckily owned 15 of these at one time and only have two remaining ones here in Fiji i use for stand up Paddling on really quiet just cant kill a bombora!!!! Use the one you've is fine! A tow boat is the only thing that might help in light winds, not a bigger centerboard!!

Warren Francis

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4 Feb 2010 12:42AM
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sick_em_rex said...

Hi Griffle,
Ihould Re the mast foot give Sam or Chris a call at Wind Surf N Snow in Sydney, I think they have some spares still.

unfortunately if it is the part I show in the above photo then i snavelled it a few weeks ago from Chris ...thats how I knew what it looked like...but if what I say is correct above, a standard modern mast base should suffice a complete replacement


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