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F2 Comet Foot straps

Created by FloppyDisk > 9 months ago, 13 Oct 2016
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13 Oct 2016 3:01AM
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Hi All,

I picked up an old F2 comet looking to get back into Windsurfing after 20+ years.

The board doesn't have any foot straps, just some funky receptacles that look like foot straps were inserted into.

I think it'd be nice to find some originals, but seems fat chance on that.

Probably the best idea is to epoxy over them and put in the screw inserts that people have been using? Not sure what's out there and figured someone would have a recommendation on a good way to do this??

Oh - I should add that I do have machining capabilities and thought about making some inserts to place into those receptacles and screwing the foot straps to the inserts. But, that seems like a lot of futzing around for something that might not work that great. Could also 3d print something, but thinking that won't be robust enough.


PS I did find a couple posts about foot straps, but mostly dead ends here:,foot,straps (this last one most of the links are dead)...

Here's a link on inserts:


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