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Holiday in Byron

Created by doggerbank > 9 months ago, 15 Aug 2014
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15 Aug 2014 11:47PM
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I am visiting Byron Bay in September and would like to have a windsurf. Is there any one in the region who hires out gear or even better provides lessons?
I normally sail on a flat water and get by uphauling, I would like to learn how to water start.
I am hiring a car and can travel around Northern NSW.

QLD, 499 posts
16 Aug 2014 10:13AM
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I was down there last week to be honest its not a place to learn its open surf with no flat water. I didn't see any hire trailers for windsurfers only kayaks & surf gear.
The only place I can think of on your way would be Jordan's Boat Hire at Port Macquarie. Ive traveled up & down the north NSW coast & there is not much in the way of windsurfing spots until the Port down.
Maybe some hire gear at Broadwater past Surfers Pardise you could try Surf fx there they might help.

QLD, 301 posts
16 Aug 2014 1:11PM
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I used to live round that area.
Saw this ad but don't know anything else about them: These guys are in Ballina.

Wind'n'Water Action Sports
Welcome to windnwater your Kitesurfing and windsurfing specialst. We offer lessons, sales of new and used equipment and hire. IKO qualified kiting instructors, RYA/AYF windsurfing instructors and the latest equipment on offer. The conditions here in Ballina are perfect all year round for coastal breazes ideal for beginners to experts.At windnwater you get expert tuition with over 20 years experience in teaching windsurfing and kite surfing....just recently we were added to the world renoun "lonely Planet" travellers guide.
Phone: 0419 686188

QLD, 417 posts
16 Aug 2014 1:38PM
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^^^^Yes what he said
''Wind'n'Water Action Sports'' his name is Jason if he's still about

September northerlies at The Pass at Byron Bay are awesome, best time of the year
Winds are onshore with only a small wave so if you don't venture out too far U should be OK

But if you're learning, might be best to go to Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head only 20min south
where they used to have hire gear but not sure now.

QLD, 468 posts
16 Aug 2014 2:31PM
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Jason sold all the windsurfing gear and trailer a few years ago and only does kites now. As Glynn said there is not much for hire or lessons between Port and the GC. Plenty of places to windsurf but not a lot of recommendations for learners. As above you can try Lake Ainsworth but just remember the teatree water stains.

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16 Aug 2014 3:03PM
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I haven't been there for a long long time, but wasn't the gear at Lake Ainsworth all one-design type stuff?

QLD, 192 posts
16 Aug 2014 3:35PM
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I agree with with Ducat as we both live there and sailed BYRON for many years.

NSW, 2 posts
27 Aug 2014 6:38PM
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Lake ainsworth in lennox heads has sails... sometimes..

NSW, 157 posts
31 Aug 2014 9:36AM
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ducati said..
September northerlies at The Pass at Byron Bay are awesome, best time of the year
Winds are onshore with only a small wave

The last time I did that (Jan 2014) I saw the logger-head turtles hanging around those bits of rock straight off Main Beach.


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