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Is Jon Bon Jovi a windsurfer

Created by clarence A week ago, 11 May 2019
TAS, 849 posts
11 May 2019 9:58PM
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I found this picture of Jon Bon Jovi on wikipedia.

He seems to be wearing a Neil Pryde t-shirt. Not the typical brand a famous rocker would wear.

Is he a windsurfer? Did he get it at the local op-shop?

He does share the same birthday as Laird Hamilton.


Mark _australia
WA, 19099 posts
11 May 2019 8:46PM
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Bicycles more likely?

QLD, 6284 posts
11 May 2019 11:09PM
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the store had sold out because every newzealander living on the gold coast had bought one to put on their commodore rear window, so jon bought the next best thing


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