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Lifejackets mandatory open water

Created by EugeneZA > 9 months ago, 3 Jul 2016
TAS, 164 posts
26 Jul 2016 5:15PM
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I signed your petition....would have been nice if it supported windsurfers too.

VIC, 2062 posts
26 Jul 2016 8:43PM
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I believe in freedom of choice , but form follows function , so can we benefit from a safety law ?

NSW, 382 posts
27 Jul 2016 8:09AM
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Do competitors now have to wear PFD's at competitions such as Merimbula Classic, Australian Wavesailing Titles etc? Insurance would require competitors to wear them. Any recommendations on a decent PFD to wear in conjunction with a waist harness?

201 posts
27 Jul 2016 9:04AM
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The thing that authorities forget is that simple things like wearing a wetsuit slows the effects of hypothermia - which I believe is one of the biggest CONTRIBUTORS to drownings (esp in Tas). You can go and sail without a wetsuit and not break the law, and predispose yourself to drowning in (I believe) a much greater way, than wearing a wetsuit and not wearing a PFD. Helmets are far more important that PFD's. They minimise concussions/blackouts which are things more likely to contribute to deaths. Again, it's safety gone mad for the sake of red tape, and water police looking good by making some pissweak convictions. The vast majority of sailors make good safety choices.

WA, 1211 posts
27 Jul 2016 11:21AM
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I think I'd be too scared to wave-sail with one on a big day. Downright dangerous wearing one wave-sailing.


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