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Need advice and help with a Bic Reggae Windsurfing board

Created by NewdleZ 1 month ago, 14 Apr 2019
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14 Apr 2019 10:03AM
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I picked up the hull of a Bic Reggae board and did some research and found out that it is relatively old and I want to find out if its possible to retrofit or upgrade this board in its current state.
I don't have a lot of information on the board and i was hoping that i can get some help.
I know that i missing the fin and the rig.

I have a couple of questions regarding the board:
1) Is it possible to retrofit
2) Is it worth it
3) Where can i find these missing parts
4) Are most parts universal, and would they work with this board
5) What kind of mast base is currently on this board(if it even is a base)
6) Will I need a special fin fit specifically for this board
7) Whats the empty rail spot for

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8 May 2019 3:24PM
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Yeah it is possible and you can find missing parts on many online stores, like Reecoupons, Ebay, Amazone and many more.

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11 May 2019 3:42AM
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Dear Friend,
This old board is from 80s. It is good for training however it is not good for speed and maneuver. Board's fin and mastfoot are missing.Fin's model is US fin box.(US standard.) That rail is to change the position of the sail forward or reverse. ?t is not easy to find some spareparts for this board. In my opinion don't spend your time with this board. Goodluck.
Bye Melih...


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"Need advice and help with a Bic Reggae Windsurfing board" started by NewdleZ