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Port Macquarie

Created by steveburge > 9 months ago, 14 Feb 2008
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14 Feb 2008 8:06AM
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Does anyone know how the sailing is in Port Macquarie? Can you sail on the lakes there?

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14 Feb 2008 11:54AM
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The sailing around Port Macqurie itself is on the Hastings River and on the beaches.

Jordan's do windsurfing from their business on the river.

I don't think there are any lakes in the immediate vicinity of Port Mac. However down at Laureton there is a big lake you can sail on.

If you are going up to that area to go windsurfing I'd recommend staying at South West Rocks as Trial Bay is the best place for windsurfing around there.

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14 Feb 2008 10:05AM
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Yer i've sailed in the lake on the way into Laureton, there was a caravan park right next to the lake, wasn't to bad in a NEster..

Ian K
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14 Feb 2008 12:06PM
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My sister lives at Port so I've spent a fair bit of time up there over the years. Wouldn't say it's often windy, but if a noreaster is blowing and the tide is going out the Hastings river at Jordan's boathouse is the place to go. A bumpy section and a flat section, the tide adds to the wind and makes staying up wind so easy. If the tides turns you'll swim ashore somewhere else.

Used to be a nice grassy rigging/congregating area for the local sailors at the boathouse but a canal estate took that over, you now launch 200 m upstream with the picnikers. Mark Jordan rents gear, sells gear and is pretty handy on the water.

If the tide's not right you can sail off Town Green. Settlement Point's OK in a southerly. I've heard Middle Rock at Lake Cathie is good for wavesailing but have never actually seen any one in the ocean.


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