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Stolen Ute and windsurfing gear

Created by aussieboats A week ago, 3 Sep 2019
NSW, 271 posts
3 Sep 2019 7:24AM
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Bad fathers day present some low life has stolen my ute and most of my and Maree's windsurfing gear , a have a list of what was taken so if any one sees cheap gear on the internet please contact me .

Contents of Ute 1 x Patrik 100 litre Sailboard and Cover black in colour
1 x Patrik 100 litre Sailboard and Cover Red in colour
5 x 430 carbon Sailboard Masts
2 x 400 carbon Sailboard Masts
2 x 370 carbon Sailbord Masts
1 x 4.6m Ka sailboard Sail orange in colour
1 x 5.2 m Ka Sailboard Sail red / yellow in colour
1 x 5.7m Ka Sailboard Sail red / yellow in colour
1 x 6.2m ka Sailboard Sail red / yellow in colour
1 x 6.6m Ka Sailboard Sail red / yellow in colour
1 x 6.3m Ka Sailboard Sail red / yellow in colour
2 x carbon unifibre windsurf booms
1 x chinnok carbon windsurf boom
20 windsurfing fins various sizes Tribal and Kestral shallow water fins
4 x carbon windsurfing extensions
4 x Alloy windsurfing extensions
4 x windsurfing Mast bases
2x windsurfing winches
3 x locosys Gps watches for windsurfing
2 x locosys gps units for windsurfing
2 x Gt31 gps units for windsurfing
2 pair of specksavers optical sailing googles
2 x Forward impact vests for windsurfing
3 x windsurfing Harness
2 x gun 5/4 wetsuits
4 x pair Gun wetsuit shoes2 x sailboard helmuts 1 x Mavic Air Drone

Not much hope of recovery but you never now what turns up some where


TAS, 2255 posts
3 Sep 2019 7:55AM
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That's terrible, geez there's some scum around

VIC, 2539 posts
3 Sep 2019 8:35AM
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NSW, 336 posts
3 Sep 2019 9:52AM
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didn't happen to leave any of those gps devices on by any chance? go pay em a surprise visit

QLD, 508 posts
3 Sep 2019 10:09AM
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Scumbag druggies

WA, 487 posts
3 Sep 2019 8:58AM
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WA, 553 posts
3 Sep 2019 9:37AM
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Aww, man, that sucks.

How does anyone manage to steal cars in this day and age? I thought they were much better than years gone by.

NSW, 6702 posts
3 Sep 2019 12:29PM
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@#$!!! Sorry to hear this. Was it insured ?

WA, 1392 posts
3 Sep 2019 10:46AM
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Mate that sucks, i had my car stolen years ago will all my sails and booms in it, worse feeling ever, never seen any of it ever again.

I live in Forster i will keep an eye out down here. Have you posted it in facebook?

QLD, 1979 posts
3 Sep 2019 12:51PM
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Mark, what a bastard. The thief probably has no idea what he has. I will keep a look out on the usual forums.

QLD, 247 posts
3 Sep 2019 1:09PM
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Mark that is terrible news. I am sure the whole windsurf community will have eyes out for the ute and gear. Scumbag thieves.

NSW, 1035 posts
3 Sep 2019 1:21PM
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really sorry to hear that, hope you can find your stuff asap

NSW, 90 posts
3 Sep 2019 4:00PM
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That's really horrible, Mark and Maree. I'm sure everyone will have an eagle eye out for the gear. Hopefully, it turns up soon once the scumbags realise how difficult the gear will be to "move". Will keep a close eye on Gumtree and the like.

WA, 2891 posts
3 Sep 2019 2:45PM
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Very sorry to read this Maree & Mark, it's such a s@#t feeling when that happens

QLD, 577 posts
3 Sep 2019 5:33PM
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Watch Gumtree. Lowlife's fav selling site.

281 posts
3 Sep 2019 4:22PM
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Yeah that sucks! That looks like a nice ute.
Really hope yoy get all your stuff back ?????????

NSW, 271 posts
3 Sep 2019 6:58PM
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Thanks guys

NSW, 17 posts
4 Sep 2019 8:22PM
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H0pefully all of NSWWA will keep an eye for it.

Tony Wills
NSW, 247 posts
5 Sep 2019 11:20PM
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Mark & Maree so sorry to hear of this. Bloody wrong on so many levels. Really hoping some of the gear shows up still in tact.


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