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Created by lanky > 9 months ago, 17 Aug 2008
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17 Aug 2008 12:20PM
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I am looking into heading over to Tazzi specifically Marrawah and surrounds in January next year for a bit of adventure and am trying to work out how much we would need to save. I was wordering if anyone had any recommendations for transport, accomodation, and the rest of it for a 2-3week stay, as i know nothing other than the language and that you guys get some awesome windsurfing conditions.

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17 Aug 2008 1:05PM
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Nah mate, you don't know the language of the West coast Tassie crowd. I'm told its a family secret

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17 Aug 2008 7:10PM
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Yeah Lanky, it's true, we're as inbred down here as much as you guys molest sheep . You can camp for nix down at Green's Beach, has a dunny, BBQ and shelter. I'm going there in 5 weeks, but taking the family so have rented the Beach House just up the road from the beach, at $150/night, but has bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, which other family members appreciate. Not sure what else is available in Marrawah, check the internet. I've also stayed at Arthur River, a bit down the road, (2 beer drive) but good fishing when the salmon / sea run trout are around. (Jan is good). You should be able to rent a bomb (car) pretty cheap, or at least you could a few years ago. One of the locals should be able to provide more info if they get onto this.

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17 Aug 2008 9:02PM
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Yeah you can camp near the beach at greens for free, not the most secluded spot however. Theres quite a few holiday rentals which are pretty resonably priced. I stayed in the anna bay cabbins which were pretty good but a little pricey!

As far as cars go I would highly recomend getting a 4wd as alot of the spots dont have very good beach access and a 4wd lets you get to where it's happening easily.

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17 Aug 2008 11:39PM
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I spent a month in Tassie, drove to campsites and pitched a tent. Probably spent around $100/day all up. It's a wonderful place, one thing you absolutely MUST do is find and visit the "Dismal Swamp Maze". Do it

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18 Aug 2008 9:33PM
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The best advice I can give is bring plenty of coin. The petrol's dearer, groceries are dearer but don't let this put you off. January is a top time of year, good consistent wind and generally warm weather ( I can hear some of you mainlanders thinking this guys on drugs ). It does get warm, trust me. If you want to do it cheap there's plenty of camping options, 4WD would always be nice but by no means is it essential. You can still sail waves at Marrawah and flat water at Stanley without one. Might want to consider going down to Hobart also, good spots there too. If you want to know the names of some free or cheap camping spots around the state let me know, but if your coming from NZ with all your kit it's probably easier to stay at some accomodation. Petrol might be dearer but you don't have to travel too far to get to places, so renting a car shouldn't cost you too much in excess K's. Make the effort, you won't be dissapointed. Oh and if you've got a sister bring her coz I reckon some Hobart blokes have probably worn there's out.


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