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Thinking about summer holidays

Created by Mobydisc > 9 months ago, 3 Jul 2008
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3 Jul 2008 7:30PM
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What to do this summer? I hope to go to either Yamba or Stuarts Point this summer and camp at a caravan park. More likely Stuarts Point. I'd like to go either in late November or February and avoid the holiday crowds.

Hopefully my wife will be happy to do it. I'll borrow my mum's tinny with outboard so we can go fishing in the morning and then windsurfing in the arvo. For dinner we will cook what we caught, hopefully flatheads and bream.

I will buy a sock tent to stick on the back of my van and perhaps buy one of those AC/DC fridges. It will be do-able budget wise and would be a nice break from the city. I'll miss the doner kebabs.

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3 Jul 2008 8:07PM
Thumbs Up the lot..start at Stuarts & cruise up the coast with boards, tinny...

oh yeah & take the missus.

Yamba is great with a tinny.
we used to go out in the morning for a surf, pack the tinny after lunch & cruise out on the river, then stop at Whiting Beach & sail in the N/E all afternoon

I'm coming too...when do we leave

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3 Jul 2008 8:52PM
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If you go to Yamba - make it November - really isn't much wind in Feb.
Also if you camp at a powered site - Yamba party hire will rent you a fridge, that leaves more room for extra kit!
There is a good cheap Caravan Park about 5k's out of town with a boat ramp for your tinny also the river is wide enough there do some back and forth sailing - but whiting beach along the inner breakwall is the go - fun sailing with the dolphins on super flat water!
Stuff the sock tent - wait for Annaconda to have a sale and buy something decent for around $200 that way wifey is likely to go again.

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3 Jul 2008 10:01PM
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I talked to my wife about it. Looks like her parents and brother will come along. He likes surfing but doesn't windsurf. It could be a good opportunity to get him into it.

The inlaws are not into camping so we will either hire a cabin or a holiday flat.

So we will probably stay at Stuarts Point or South West Rocks for a week. Hopefully a big high pressure system will be sitting out over Norfolk Island that week and a mega low is centred over Dubbo.

Yamba is too far away for a week's holiday.


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