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GT31 Key Lock

Created by firiebob > 9 months ago, 31 May 2009
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31 May 2009 11:28AM
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I just stumbled across this old post from Paul Kelf...

"You can lock the Joystick & button.
It's an option in the setup (keylock).
Once selected you just hold both the joystick & button at the same time for a couple of seconds to lock & unlock"

Maybe old news for most but this'll make life easier for me
Go to Settings > Hold Key > then select Key Lock instead of Mark.
By pushing the toggle for a few seconds locks or unlocks the keys

Goo Screw
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31 May 2009 2:59PM
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I have been using the key lock ever since Paul posted that,put it in speed genie and hit key lock -thats suits me fine.


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"GT31 Key Lock" started by firiebob