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Whats driving the current weather?

Created by sailquik A week ago, 3 Dec 2019
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3 Dec 2019 6:35PM
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This is a very interesting and informative presentation from BoM featuring regular Sandy Point Windsurfer Andrew Watkins.

What strikes me about this is that it explains why we are getting so many Westerly winds now, rather than earlier (Sept/Oct) which is more common.

It also explains why Jimbob is has noted that Lake George has not got any of the early season SE winds which it might normally expect.

I hope this breaks down good and proper for January to March, so the Highs can sit low in The Bight and send up regular SE winds to LG.

NSW, 2880 posts
3 Dec 2019 6:52PM
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It certainly explains a few things!! Our sea breezes seem to be strongest from midday to around 3 pm in certain parts of Sydney. Usually they continue to build during the afternoon, not lately. Plus there have been way less of them than usual.

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3 Dec 2019 5:01PM
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There is also the SSW Sudden Stratospheric Warming event which is yet to finish.

Places like the link below are a good place to find out more info, although most of it goes right over my head!

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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 7:57AM
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Hurry up, as Mr Squiggle would say. The winds are great but I'm sick of living in the snow and I also need to get my work done, all these westerlies are soooo distracting

jimbob SA
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 9:46AM
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Wednesday , 4 Dec 2019 3:47PM
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This guy I suspect


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