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Birdie Beach Sat 8/12

Created by Mitch Pearson > 9 months ago, 9 Dec 2012
Mitch Pearson
QLD, 255 posts
9 Dec 2012 10:50AM
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Hi all,

Just wanted to share a few pics from Birdie beach (south of Catherine Hill Bay) yesterday. Was our first sail there for a few years and found it to be great in a NE.

NSW, 371 posts
9 Dec 2012 12:05PM
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Nice pics, great spot. Theres always a few of us sailing there on low tide days as the waves are much better on the low tide. The wind can really crank when its NNE.
Sailed Nobbys yesterday and it was pretty good.

NSW, 683 posts
9 Dec 2012 2:04PM
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looks great. hope to make it there or pelo's this summer


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"Birdie Beach Sat 8/12" started by Mitch Pearson