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Windsurfer Class NSW Summer Series

Created by albymongrel > 9 months ago, 12 Jan 2019
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12 Jan 2019 1:18PM
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heat 3 of the Sydney Summer Series is on Tomorrow!

Hey everyone, that includes active and inactive windsurfers, Wally lovers, kids and old farts

Its been a big week sorting out a few issues with the Nationals ( we have 90 competitors now and still more showing an interest),
A Devastating Fire at Windsurf n Snow (luckily no one was hurt), Wind Surf n Snow are now operating out of Windgenuity and open this weekend if you need any gear last minute before Narabeen or the Nationals. PLEASE SUPPORT ONE OF OUR SPORTS BIGGEST SUPPORTERS, SAM HAS DONATED QUITE A LOT TO OUR ASSOCIATION THIS YEAR, so, if you need any gear, now is a good time to reward him with our loyalty and condolences over this major loss of property and business interruption.
The Rippers are in Tassie competing in their Nationals and quite a few expect to come to the Windsurfer Nationals.
The Raceboard Nationals will be held at Myall Lakes starting 20th January to 23rd January. Quite a few Rippers will be competing there as well! Quite a few race boarders will bat on after 4 gruelling days of racing to join us in the Wally Nats at Toronto the very next day!
Johnsy has provided a new update and price list with some tips and tricks as well. One important one for performance will be the notes on centreboard flap trimming.
Also, one charter board still available for the Nationals. Anyway, have a read, here's the link!
i'm back at work after a few weeks off - what a shock to the system and now, at the last minute, i'd better update you all on Round 3 of the Sydney Summer evoLuTion Series!TOMMORROW - NARRABEEN LAKESWe are expecting some good seabreeze on the day which will be fantastic for pre Nationals training with the Toronto event only 12 days away!
There will be a good roll up for this as the last opportunity to sail with a large field before the National. good for practicing those start line tactics!
How to get there?
Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club is located at Jamieson Park, The Esplanade, Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Beaches. To get from Pittwater Road, turn West into Mactier Street and follow the road over the hill continuing through the first two roundabouts. At the third roundabout take the second exit into The Esplanade and the take the first right into Jamieson Park.there are parking meters in the park and on the nearby street however, there are a few free parking pots but you may need to walk a bit to take advantage (after you have dropped off your gear at the club first!)
Walshy is the best person to ask about free parking spots - 0466154963
The Schedule
please note, due to very dodgy scales used previously, we are doing a new weigh in for ALL competitors with new electronic scales (used at NSW State Championships so that we have a more accurate reading and accordingly accurate placement of sailors into weight divisions.
RACING STARTS: 1:45 - 2:00PMWe are expecting 3 or 4 races to be run

Please advise if you can join us for this either via email to:
or tell us at rego if you will be hanging around for some sausage Sangers and a yarn after the racing.For those who have already entered online via Regatta Toolbox, you have nothing to pay as you paid $65 for the whole series discounted rate for early birds, thank you!Otherwise, $25 fee on the day for this event CASH ONLY accepted.Results will be advised as quickly as practical

A few minor prizes will be up for grabs as well.Cheers, Al, Walshy and all the team from Windsurfer Class NSW

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18 May 2019 3:30PM
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Final results of the SYDNEY SUMMER SERIES 2018 - 2019

note: the attached tables reflect correct results after admin error made prior to and during presentation earlier this month at BYRA.

APOLOGIES TO THOSE AFFECTED BY THOSE ERRORS - relevant parties have been advised privately.

We also had numerous lucky door prizes for the awards ceremony at BYRA

1. Two x $30 Store gift Voucher generously
donated by Sam Parker of WSNS. Wind Surf n Snow
2. ONE x $20 COLES gift cards from WCAA

3. Three x $10 Woolies gift cards from WCAA
PAUL IVSHENKO (is there anything Paul didn't win????)

Here are some award recipients...

Photo taken after presentation at BYRA - beforehand the Peter Loft Marathon half hour afterwards.

A well deserved award for one of our greatest supporters. Mel, please bring along a few friends... We need more female sailors!

A great day at Woollahra to finish the season. After race and scoring duties, I went for an evening sail on the harbour...

A few red herrings and ring ins here - photo taken at Woollahra after final event of series before presentation day!

If if you haven't received your award (and there are quite a few of those including all of our youth sailors) please contact me to make arrangements.

Al Haynes

Many thanks to all those who assisted and competed throughout the NSW SUMMER SEASON.

Hope to see you and your friends next season...

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27 Aug 2019 8:35PM
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Hey Al, is there a NSW LT 2019-20 regatta calendar out yet? I tried Facebook and Google but couldn't find anything.

I should add, I'm not in the association or anything, so that might be why I can't find it, but I'm not opposed to trying an event this summer if I can borrow a board ;)

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28 Aug 2019 9:56AM
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see and click windsurferLT in agenda


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