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For the Gold Coasters

Created by lungs > 9 months ago, 31 Mar 2018
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31 Mar 2018 8:37PM
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Don't know if any of you have seen this.

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1 Apr 2018 6:59AM
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I heard the main issues were live aboards who repeatedly over stay in areas.
Jet skis on gc are out of control.
Not enough policing

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1 Apr 2018 7:16PM
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Even the jet ski hire guy flouts the law leading his flock- What's the collective noun for a group of jet Skiers? - closer than he is supposed to to other craft.

da vecta
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1 Apr 2018 8:35PM
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2 Apr 2018 12:57PM
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You only need to spend an afternoon , especially weekends, anywhere south of the Sea Way to realise the extent of the problem and how serious the situation has become. Too many Government Bureaucrats own Jet skis on GC, Nothing will ever eventuate, only Blah Blah Bull****...

Dr Gas
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2 Apr 2018 4:21PM
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Jet skis can no longer be in the water where there are any non powered surfer's in northern California! It took a concerted effort from all surfers, windsurfers, environmental activists etc. The ban extends from LA to San Francisco. No more tow ins at mavericks! Everyone is happy. We can do it. Step one is to get political .


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