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Getting into Wind or Wing Foiling

Created by AntsC 1 month ago, 5 Jan 2020
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5 Jan 2020 6:02PM
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Hey everyone, looking for some advice and general knowledge about wind and wing foiling.
I've been thinking about getting into it this year but the cost of new (and even 2nd hand gear) looks to be quite expensive.

How does one go about starting to wind foil and exploring that without too much cost. Are there cheaper ways to get into it?

Can you use a free ride board that can also take a foil, and that way and is it as simple as that and putting a small sail on the board? Alternatively, Wing foiling looks fun and a cool "take it to the beach" (Mooloolaba) with the family. Do you need a surf foil board for this or could you use a wind foil board also?

Advice is appreciated

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12 Jan 2020 7:56PM
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Anything is possible with wind foiling I guess but, it may slow ur progress being on a small narrow free ride board. Can't comment on wing foiling, but being relatively new it's gonna be expensive. I found going out powered up windsurf foiling helped me progress quicker should also offset the smaller board scenario


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