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Keep an eye on your gear on the beach!!!

Created by AusMoz 3 months ago, 11 Nov 2019
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11 Nov 2019 7:43PM
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Whilst out today at Golden Beach, I put my drinks bag under a tree where I normally place things. I looked back after i launched and seen an elderly female walk up to my bag and grab it. She opened it up and took it. Luckily I was able to sail up to her, have a straight forward conversation about what she did and got my bag back. Stated she thought it was rubbish and she was cleaning the beach.

Just a friendly reminder - Keep an eye on your bag on the beach and lock your car!

**** bags are all ages and are brazen!

QLD, 950 posts
11 Nov 2019 7:45PM
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Can't trust oldies , dodgy bloody pensioners , lock em all away I say!

QLD, 2408 posts
11 Nov 2019 8:06PM
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JonesySail said..
Can't trust oldies , dodgy bloody pensioners , lock em all away I say!

Yeah , give em a mobility scooter ,( Bribie Harley ) , And we're looking at organised crime that would make bikies blush .

WA, 1056 posts
11 Nov 2019 8:09PM
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Bloody boomers

QLD, 12491 posts
11 Nov 2019 11:51PM
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should have asked her to visit your place of work moz.

QLD, 1650 posts
12 Nov 2019 7:05AM
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Beachfront thieving grannies... Here at GB,you kidding mate?? Any identikit images of the senior villain?

QLD, 380 posts
13 Nov 2019 10:13PM
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Might need a couple of police dogs to guard the gear.


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"Keep an eye on your gear on the beach!!!" started by AusMoz