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Keeping each other safe

Created by The Pom 1 month ago, 12 Jan 2020
The Pom
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12 Jan 2020 8:58PM
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Big shout out to EvilC for keeping the sport safe today.

He went to check on a downed windsurfer who was a fair way down wind from our group.

He found out the guy had a broken UJ, sailed all the way back upwind to get a spare... then back to the broken board to try and fix it up.

From where we were on the shore, with binoculars, we could only just see the guy once he was down in the water, showing just how easy it is to get lost once you get away from the fleet.

So, keep an eye out as you sail and take the time to go and check on the boards that have been down for a while.

Half the time just seeing a smile and a thumbs up will let everyone know they are being looked after.

Good work Evil!


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