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Kook Cam from early this season

Created by KookieMonster > 9 months ago, 14 Apr 2017
QLD, 64 posts
14 Apr 2017 4:03PM
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Clip from early this season that I did not get round to loading, despite promising Danny/Buggs for months. Not our best work... but missing the wind!

QLD, 153 posts
14 Apr 2017 6:33PM
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I dont know about everyone else, but i love logging on and seeing there is a kookiemonster video to watch! Great work as always guys, always shows the the thrill/smiles we are chasing. Keep them coming please.

QLD, 66 posts
15 Apr 2017 8:40PM
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Hi tom the video looks great. Thanks for posting. Definately missing the wind bring on the wind.

NSW, 1104 posts
15 Apr 2017 8:58PM
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You have the knack of capturing the essence of windsurfing perfectly. Keep the vids coming Mr KookieMonster


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"Kook Cam from early this season" started by KookieMonster