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What Board & Sail Combo for this season

Created by brynoz > 9 months ago, 17 Sep 2015
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17 Sep 2015 1:30PM
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What board & sail combo would you choose from this catalogue for the season?

QLD, 1002 posts
17 Sep 2015 6:49PM
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An indicator how much we were ripped off back then - but who was to know.

QLD, 970 posts
17 Sep 2015 6:50PM
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That's great
Just picked up an Orbit for the season. Didn't cost $2000

Can't see any specials on longboards - oops there are some there
What's a Race 91? In the longboard section.

Lots of smaller sails - must have been windy once upon a time?

da vecta
QLD, 2379 posts
17 Sep 2015 7:40PM
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There's a warm and fuzzy feeling you get knowing you're probably riding the board with the world's ugliest graphics.

Sputnik 270 $1750 hey?

da vecta
QLD, 2379 posts
17 Sep 2015 7:49PM
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Just looking at those beautiful images and colours on the Orbit and I'm experiencing some pretty heavy graphics envy here.

QLD, 360 posts
17 Sep 2015 8:11PM
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Just amazing that the price of sails hasn't moved that much in 24 years!

pretty sure I flew to London that year for around $2k and that is still the price of a flight today.....

In 1991 I could buy any house in my street for less than $200k, now they start at $800k.

The gaastra slalom foil pro was a weapon! loved it.

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17 Sep 2015 8:33PM
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I think that's a stocktake of my garage...... Oh wait a minute I think da vecta might have some too!

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17 Sep 2015 10:16PM
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Still have the Astro Rock, 90 Wavefoil pro 3.7 and the 91 Racefoil Pro 7.5 in the shed


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