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Windsurfing Come and Try and Retro Gala

Created by WindsurfingQLD 6 months ago, 15 Oct 2018
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15 Oct 2018 7:45AM
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Hi All,

Padi from Surf Connect is holding a Come and Try Windsurfing day and also a retro gala for the old school board riders.

Please spread the word on your social media pages to get the word out to the masses, it is the best way to spread the word beyond our internal group of sailors. Simply go to the WQ facebook site and share the post to your page

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17 Oct 2018 10:14PM
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I am keen, will drag some others along too if i can.

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19 Oct 2018 2:12PM
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How much will it cost


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"Windsurfing Come and Try and Retro Gala" started by WindsurfingQLD