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2010 jp freestyle wave 85 pro edition

Created by CAN17 26 days ago, 24 Jun 2019
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24 Jun 2019 2:02AM
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I am cerous to know how hard this board would be to windsurf as someone who is not a water starter yet(not because of sharks). I have ridden a 90s 8'6" 100l fox hatteras board but was able to uphaul barely with a 4.4m, I'm 65kgs. But a 85L seems a fair bit smaller. I plan on learning to water start and am only really going to use this board in strong winds when a 4.2 is too much on my foil say 15-20kts? I come from a more formula oriented background and am not familiar with toy board. I've heard more modern wave boards are relatively more stable than a board from 30 years ago. I'm assuming since the shorter length they pack more volume around the straps?

What sail sizes, weights or wind strength has this board performed well in? I know jp is a pretty well respected brand(my foil board is also jp). So I would imagine this being a fun little board once I master water starts.

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24 Jun 2019 9:35AM
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Hi Can
The Jp 2010 Fsw in your picture is an awsome board ,for bump and jump, and also good in any wave conditions.
I owned a 92 litre Jp Fsw 2010 model and it lasted for years.
I was very disappointed when i broke it .
It did have a hard life from new, but it was unreal.
Max sail size for the 85 is probably 5.5m down to a 3.7.
They are a super fast board, and very maneuverable.
30 knots speed, can easily be reached on this board ,and they jump well .
Once you learn to water start, i would keep this board until it breaks, you could uphaul it as well albeit a bit wobbly.
If you could still buy this board i would recomend it to anyone.
I bought a second hand 2010 Jp fsw 112 litre 2 years ago ,for days of 15 knots, and light wind wavesailing, and is awsome.
I paid good money for it ,even though it was an early model.
You don't see many of the 2010 model up for sale because they are so good.
Wind range for you ,and this board is probably 18 to 30 knts.
A great board to progress on.
Its a keeper for you at your weight.

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25 Jun 2019 1:32AM
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That's 85 liters.
Owned them since 2005, plus 85 liter 3s and 85 liter Naish Freeride.
At 160lbs., add a full wetsuit and booties, I can still uphaul all of them at age 70.
Not simple like Formula, you gotta stand with one foot bracing the mast base, the other between the straps, and pull up sideways favoring the mast base.
10 of the past 15 days on 85 liter boards, with gusts from 20-26 at Berkeley Ca. Lulls from 3-14. Check I windsurf.
If you like normal uphauling, move mastbase near center position.

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25 Jun 2019 1:36AM
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My 3s is 86 liters.
I cannot uphaul my 84 liter JP Slalom because the mast position is waaay forward and I only use slalom multi cam sails with it, usually 5.5 to 5.8.
I can easily stand on it holding the uphaul rope for balance.

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25 Jun 2019 2:24AM
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15-20 knots is maybe 16-22 mph?
That's 5.2 with no loose leech or 5.7 fully downhauled
I'm an oldtimer, so mast position all the way forwards and mostly 11" swept pointer for 5-6 meter single and no cam sails.
New school sailors use just forward of center mast position for slidey hops, helies, shove its, and tacks.


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