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2011 Isonic 107 & W54

Created by Magnus8 > 9 months ago, 14 Sep 2010
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9 Nov 2010 11:52PM
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AUS02 said...

I've had my wood iSonic 107 for a few months now and am also loving it. Mainly use my Severne Reflex 7.8 with this board and 40cm C3 Venom or 40cm C3 Sting. Top speed so far is 35.76 knots, 2-sec Doppler (36+ on the dial) and that was with the 7.8 and the 40 Venom at the local bump-n-jump spot (not particularly flat). Board, rig and fin all feel great. This kit has replaced my iSonic 121 and Code Red 7.5.

Great speeds there Aus02, which fin do you prefer the Venom or the Sting?

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10 Nov 2010 2:28PM
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The Sting 40 always feels very good (fantastic in fact), whereas the Venom 40 has felt under done (ie not powerful enough) each time I have used it. If trying to go for top speed off the wind, then the Venom would be my choice (and was when I got 36+ on the dial), but for general back and fourth sailing or pointing/racing, I'd use the Sting as it lifts and balances the board better. A larger Venom might do the trick (42cm), but I feel the Sting matches this board better and the Sting 40 goes well with the Reflex 7.8m. I have used the Venom 40 with my Reflex 6.2m (on the 107) and the fin felt good, so also a matter of matching the right fin to the right sail.

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4 Dec 2010 9:45PM
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Figured out how to upload pic's. So here's a few more. The carbon one is an iS137.


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