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2018 North S-Type 6.6 | First Thoughts

Created by Radicalstate 8 months ago, 10 Jun 2018
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10 Jun 2018 10:09PM
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Let me explain:
Reason for getting an 2018 S-Type 6.6. I have been sailing on a 7.8 GunSails Vector (AWESOME SAIL) for some time and it is my main sail (Range 15 - 25 knots) BUT i needed another sail for light wind foiling (11-14 knots) AND would'nt mind having a sail that can double as a blaster in +25 (30) knots of wind. OOh another thing that the S-Type rigs on my 460 Mast from Gunsails (Constant Curve 75%Carbon). So now I have a huge range from my super efficient quiver. ALSO Ordered an H9 Fanatic and Jag 129.

Looks & Rigging
I figured out that the mast top has a (460 Setting) I had to figure that out on my own. North should have some better explanation/instruction or video, but hey we windsurfers think in solutions. Rigging the S-type is no different than rigging my vector, mast in, a little downhaul, boom and outhaul, put cambers, finish up with final downhaul. I think we all love that feeling when the sail takes the shape of the wing. Indicators are very clear and tuning is a breeze, I usually prefer the sail in highwinds setting.

First to Sessions (25 - 30 knots)
I really like the S-Type, I rigged it for hi-wind performance and the sail feels very light in the hands. It accelarates really well, almost instantely and feels like I havent reached top speed with it yet. In the top-end I do feel that it doenst really get that locked feeling that I get from my vector, it has a more "loose" feel.For me the S-Type is my crazy wind blaster AND will function as my foil sail in less wind SOOO i am a very happy camper for now and will follow up with some more reviews as I get to know the sail.Accelation Video + Handling:


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