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Created by Gonewindsurfing247 > 9 months ago, 9 Sep 2013
WA, 947 posts
9 Sep 2013 1:59PM
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Buy one get one free, interesting concept, I am not convinced? How about you?

WA, 1183 posts
9 Sep 2013 2:32PM
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Brilliant, I'd like to try one!

lao shi
WA, 1190 posts
9 Sep 2013 2:36PM
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I think it is great to see people innovating. Well done F2!
Interesting to hear what reviews have to say.

SA, 3400 posts
9 Sep 2013 4:07PM
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they had something similar years ago

WA, 1247 posts
9 Sep 2013 3:19PM
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They did it in Europe about 8-10 years ago. It basically squashes the market as everyone buys in all at once.
All the other brands loose out and new board sales go quiet for a season or two.
Basically hijack marketing.

WA, 12 posts
9 Sep 2013 9:44PM
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choco said..

they had something similar years ago

NSW, 237 posts
13 Sep 2013 12:00PM
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It must be a German thing.


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