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Carbon Art - east coast of Aus wave quiver

Created by Nerdburger > 9 months ago, 30 May 2017
NSW, 276 posts
30 May 2017 5:46PM
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East coast of Aus, wave quiver ??

104 Litre AHU - nuking orange board. (63cm x 230cm) thruster. Fast style wave board for 5.7/5.2 sails predominantly onshore conditions.

96 Litre KINA - retina popping lime green board. (59cm x 229cm) thruster. Full rocker, smallish round tail pin, for down the line conditions and high winds for 5.2/4.7 sails, for the epic conditions you wished you sailed daily ??.

Ive only sailed the AHU 104 L as yet, this is the one I ordered first at the start of the year. Great board for marginal conditions, float and ride till 20 ish knots, for onshore waves. Fast, light and turns well considering the volume and fast rocker. Have had some sensational days in 1-4 ft mush and 15/20 knots, used with a 6.2/5.7 blade. Highly recommended. Only use 5.7 now as the bigger board allows the 5.7 to be my biggest wave sail.

Still to sail the 96 L KINA in anger as only turned up last week, and NSW has glassed off since ??. Hopefully the next 3-5 days sees me bust it's cherry, with some southerly forecasted in the next couple of days.

Carbon Art boards, are so well made, super light, great fittings, awesome paint jobs, and custom ordered to your requirements/conditions, plus great value considering their hand made.

James Dinnis is awesome to deal with, professional, can tailor a design for your needs, keeps you update with the process, and then 5-6 weeks from ordering your board it's at your door ready to sail !

I sail around Coffs Hbr mostly and conditions can be above average to pretty good, that is for the east coast of Aus !, we get relatively strong and consistent summer NE's at 15-30 knots, onshore waves/bump and jump.

Also east coast lows generating SE/S 15-35 knots during the year and gusty SW 10-35 knots as well, with great waves 2-8 ft beach with punchy beach breaks and some point breaks.
We have a couple of great spots to sail, and a good local crew to share it with.

I'm 90-94 kegs and a intermediate sailor and surfer, I've loved sailing my 104 so far, and I'm super excited to get out on the new toy 96L KINA, hopefully later this week.

I've had custom boards before SSD and OES, both have been great boards, I still sail my 100 OES x-wave, its fast and bullet proof.
I think we're so lucky to have craftsmen in Aus and NZ to get amazing boards to rip up the wind and waves, will always be my first option when buying new toys ??

NSW, 693 posts
30 May 2017 6:10PM
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I am so close to pulling the trigger on the same AHU as you have. Would be great for those 15-20kn NE Cross-on days we get down around Port Mac. I am 90kg also and thinking this would be my go to board.

I'm torn, the new CA Speeders look pretty sh1t hot too.

I get up to Coffs for work every now and then, I will look you up in spring for some locals info and a sailing buddy. Thanks for the shots and review.

NSW, 276 posts
30 May 2017 7:53PM
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AJ, if you like to have a blast, let me know, always happy to share,

QLD, 591 posts
31 May 2017 12:31PM
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I love the look of the 100L OKE - the twin fin of the new shapes. Would love one of these for east coast - I recon its all you'd need!

mr love
VIC, 2132 posts
1 Jun 2017 8:33PM
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Hi Nerdburger, What construction did you order?

NSW, 276 posts
2 Jun 2017 2:45AM
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Kina - 96 L - Pro HD.
AHU - 104 L Pro Elite, both super light, the 104 is ridiculously light for its size, but James from CA, would give you the skinny on what's best for your needs.
The lime green/yellow KINA is the most amazing looking board with its colour, graffics and shape !. Hopefully I get a chance to punt it today, if the focast comes good !


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