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Fanatic Jag LTD 2019 early release

Created by AUS4 A week ago, 17 May 2018
NSW, 881 posts
17 May 2018 8:58AM
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Fanatic are happy to present their brand new Jag - a freerace board set free from the racecourse!

Essentially a slalom board with a more likeable character, the Jag is designed to settle down and stretch its legs over a distance rather than battle on the edge of control for the short duration of a slalom race.

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17 May 2018 8:49PM
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Fanatic brings back the Ray?

QLD, 760 posts
18 May 2018 6:55PM
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Only three sizes. Needs some smaller options for windy days.
Catherine does not approve:

joe windsurf
1293 posts
18 May 2018 7:28PM
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as an average joe windsurfer - who sucks ....
have tried iSonic and AHD SL2
i do like a 135 slalom of 80 cm width
but would like just a little more length
something like about 240-245 cm
makes the nose not dip so much ...
these boards are still aimed at people with more skills than me
that should be easy to find ...

2777 posts
19 May 2018 5:24AM
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sweet looking freerace board, and foil ready too (it seems !.....)

gotta love all the 80's/90's names coming back ! Can't wait for the mosquito or mamba !

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Monday , 21 May 2018 5:34AM
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Supersport, Speedster, Firestorm.


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