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Lightest Wave Boards

Created by quatro25 > 9 months ago, 8 Jan 2013
SA, 135 posts
8 Jan 2013 6:55PM
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What are some of the lightest wave boards on the market .. from about 2010 onwards.

Single-fin :)

WA, 7855 posts
8 Jan 2013 4:28PM
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The ones without water in them

NSW, 987 posts
8 Jan 2013 9:20PM
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i weighed my nude chopper a while back and it came just under 28 kg.....

not bad considering there was about 23 kg of water in it.

VIC, 103 posts
9 Jan 2013 1:20AM
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Custom boards are most likely going to be the lightest because you can ask for them to be made lighter... Also means they could be a little weaker though
In productions which will be a lot easier to find (unless you want my nude!) I think starboards are one of the lightest going by boardseeker tests. I think not sure though.
My nude chopper even with a couple of repairs was a lot lighter than any production board I felt.
In saying that i had a 2012 starboard flare that was really really light for its size.
I don't think it makes that much difference. Maybe if your a freestyle guru you might. never noticed too much.
Felt pretty good carrying it to the beach though


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