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Mistral Syncro 2011

Created by scl > 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2011
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17 Mar 2011 2:43PM
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Has anyone had any experiences with the new (2011) Mistral Syncro? Other than basic dimensions there's very little info on the web (that I can find).
Apparently this is a completely new model. There was no 2010 version but the 2009 version had some really good reviews....

QLD, 498 posts
24 Mar 2011 11:48PM
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2008 and 2009 were mark nelson designed. 2010 no mistral boards made as boards and more sold the company to GMBH who licensed Anders Bringdal to run mistral windsurfing division. Not sure who the designer is - have seen one of the larger syncros in the flesh - not so keen. I think they would be hard pressed to top Nelson's boards - but then I like his designs.


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