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New Fanatic Stubby 99 Liter Experiences

Created by billekrub > 9 months ago, 7 Sep 2016
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7 Sep 2016 2:25PM
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Posted on the Fanatic Forum:

Sailed today with new 99 liter stubby w. 5.3 sail and was planing mostly, some waves to ride on occasion but small. Could have rigged the sail fuller. I am 78 kg, 1.88 meter tall.

New board hit some lips and even got the nose pointed toward Jesus once or twice. It is quite radical, but still easy. Would not have been so productive with any of my previous boards and would have been more fatigued.. It is extremely soft on late hits, unlike any other I have tried, and easy to sail. When powered up, such a wide board is not harsh in chop, probably because of V and double concave and tail design. Can find no reason to use a smaller size, unless for some reason the smaller sizes are even faster. Jibes as sharply as desired. Softness on lips and chop hops may help this very light board last for a long time. It catches waves earlier in light wind than any others I have tried of this width and accelerates and planes up faster on the wave.

A wily but desperately hungry coyote visited camp today. Even laid down between tarps in front of my trailer for a while before ambling over to check the garbage trailer. Checked out Gordon's dog, Aah' Gee, who was leashed. And snacked on some of Aah' Gee's vomit from when he was sick earlier. All while we watched from some meters away.

During the first session, with a 5.8 meter sail, slogging mostly, had the first sensation of turning radically off the tail (right side off/right cross off, Pacific Ocean point break). Allowed me to do many quick turns on a small wave without losing speed. On the older board of similar width, would have had to use the rig more to achieve this and also slower. Could catch swells further out from the beach with the Stubby than any other board.

Was surprised about the board on two counts. Would not have expected it to turn so well. Would have expected it to plane earlier but no complaints on this. The usual ever present tradeoff. Not bad considering. It surfs the same as a very small board unlike the vast majority of boards of comparable width! Congratulations for achieving this!

Wondering if a larger fin set would impact maneuverability, while helping in light conditions and with bigger sails to plane, get up wind, etc. Present set is OK and want to get used to it and appreciate it.

Any surprises with mast track position or fin positions? Starting with everything centered.

Foot straps have a wonderful longer and shorter adjustment option for the screws and anti-twist; though I still stretch the neoprene covers for some days on a plank to suit my taste and avoid common damage to ankles and feet caused by tight straps.

Overall appearance, graphics, and workmanship A Plus.

Very light weight and feels sturdy.

Highly recommended.


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