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Quick review of the 95l & 85l Windtech Active Trim Technology Magic Bullets

Created by azymuth > 9 months ago, 15 Mar 2018
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15 Mar 2018 10:20AM
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I bought the 95l because I watched Matt Holder crank ridiculously tight cutbacks and nail huge stalled forwards on his Windtech last winter at Dutchies and recently at Scarborough.

I was intrigued by the longer length (245cm, 63 wide), the Active Trim Technology tail and blown away by the amazing quality of the construction of the first production boards.

I'm an older, average ability 80kg wavesailor and thought I'd give Scarborough a go with my new Windtech 95. Scarbs picks up a wave when the rest of Perth is flat, but it can be a pretty intense place to sail.

The extra board length, flat rocker with the tail un-flexed and unique fin setup combines to get planing super-quickly, so getting out against the current and fluky wind in the break was so much easier compared with my old Patrik 94.
The Windtech pops over white water easily and effortlessly glides through lulls.

First session saw 25kts+ out the back - with a 4.5m the board was super-controllable and easy to gybe - even though the sea-state was manic. Also easy to stay upwind - the fin setup (single with bonzer side fins) delivers heaps of lift.
Even in the messy onshore half-mast waves, I felt my bottom turns were more flowing and cutbacks tighter than I'm normally able to achieve - I could feel the tail flexing under back foot pressure increasing the rocker and tightening the turns. Awesome fun.

Second session the wind was even stronger. Borrowed the 85l (58 wide), with a 4.5m - even looser than the 95l (as expected) but still easily controllable and simple to ride. Crazy tight turns are just so easy.

The Magic Bullet - less rocker for early planing, speed, higher jumps and upwind ability, or more rocker for flowing turns - by changing the pressure on the tail plate. Magic.

I reckon Neil and Matt have nailed it with this design - awesome boards. JJ

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16 Mar 2018 8:00AM
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Can you let me know next time you make a guest appearance at Scarborough

lao shi
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16 Mar 2018 9:38AM
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He's a regular now!

Reflex Films
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21 Mar 2018 11:50AM
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At Scarborough the fast rocker of the magic bullet is super critical. If your board has any kind of hesitation in early planing and acceleration then your jump count falls off exponentially to zero. And if your board is at all hesitant then your jump amplitude is quickly halved.

The Windtech wave rocker is so ridiculously fast -its possibly the only one of its kind on the market now. We are getting feedback from new customers that we are outplaning boards that are very well known for their early planing abilities (and 10 litres larger)

However the cost of this acceleration has often been lack of raw turning ability in a board -Thanks to the flexy adjustable tail rocker ACTIVE TRIM TECHNOLOGY we are getting a ton of bottom turn speed into grippy turns out of the boards too.

I would say in waves waist high or smaller it requires just a touch more input / heel pressure to bust a quick snap - but as the waves grow in size the top turning gets more dynamic (while remaining safe and projecting out the front of the lip - away and out from what i call the "hospital and mast shop zone" ) I am definitely achieving turns that rival any board i have ridden in the past (and possibly exceed them) which is a major win as far as I am concerned.85 and 95 litre wave boards are available for demo in Perth for any one looking to experience the advantages that the Magic Bullet is offering.

Thanks to Andy Bell for taking the pics - he's got some good ones and if any one is interested they are available for sale. Its a rare thing to get high quality well shot windsurf photos - (you usually need a windsurfer behind the lens to get the shot timing right ) i highly recommend making a purchase if he has some good ones of you.

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12 Apr 2018 8:44PM
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A perfect day to evaluate the Active Trim Tech tail on the Windtech 64 SilverBullet - the ocean state was as crazy as it gets at Cottesloe today.

With no tail-flex, downwind runs over the meter high chop were on the edge of out-of-control - got launched and slapped multiple times.

With full tail-flex the handling was transformed, the chop felt half as big - the difference was amazing.
Could head downwind at full speed in full control and really enjoy the much smoother ride

Full tail-flex also helps the board fly upwind - it settles the board in the cross chop so you can keep the power on. Stoked

Reflex Films
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14 May 2018 11:17AM
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Some hands on actio hof the Magic Bullet 85 in action here (Magic Bullet 85 and 5.3 combo)

I could have been even more mobile on the 95 and a 5.6!

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22 Jun 2018 2:16PM
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Any smaller versions in the pipeline 70-75. Cheers.

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28 Jun 2018 10:52PM
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Matt here from Windtech. There is a smaller 75 ish litre board in the pipeline. Currently Neil has finished off a 57 Wide Silver Bullet. I must say though that through the ATT tail the boards have a bigger wind range than you are used to. We had a windy summer here in WA and it was hard for the 85 to ever feel out of control (even Neil who is a lighter rider lit on 4.2s) - however i can see that a smaller option would appeal to sub 75 kg riders.

In the meantime- try an 85- you might be surprised!

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29 Jun 2018 5:18AM
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Hey Matt, I have an idea that may improve it, might not work at all but if interested msg me.

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16 Jul 2018 4:01PM
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Update on the Magic Bullet 95 - not only an epic DTL board but also an awesome B&J board for no-wave days when you just want to blast around fast.

Tested in 25-30 knot winds in ocean chop as big and gnarly as it gets - 26.7 knots top speed and cruising at 25 knots, with stock wave fins.

The board's longer length, fast rocker and ATT tail flexing up and down increases control heaps so you can crank the speed.

An awesome wave board (check out Matt Holder's videos) and super-fast controllable, fun B&J board


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