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Sail and fin size- 94 Kode.

Created by PhilSWR > 9 months ago, 29 Aug 2016
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29 Aug 2016 1:20PM
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I have a 2014, 94 litre Kode. I have been using it in open sea, and some flat water, with a 26 cm Makani Ono (a quite wide weed / wave type fin), and usually a 5.8 Kult. This combo is fine in 15-20-ish knots, though does tend to lift a little when going hard off the wind.

So I'm hoping to use it with a smaller fin and sail this spring / summer. I have an unused 26 cm Flying Object Dynamo fin I'm keen to give a run, and also try some smaller sails- thinking 5 to 5.4 meters in 18-25 knot stuff. Any Kode riders use a similar combo?

Also keen to hear from those using these boards with bigger sails in lighter winds. I have a 6.4 Kult which I normally reserve for my 111 Carve. I'd like to try in 14-18 knot stuff, and leave the big board on the rack. Any one using larger sails on the Kodes to good effect?

Cheers for any info.

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29 Aug 2016 12:51PM
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I have an older (2011 I think) Kode 103 that I have sailed and experimented with a lot. It's a brilliant board - I'll probably just replace it with a new one the same when it eventually gives up. Sailed on the river and sea, even Yallingup on occasion when there's not much swell.

I sail it with the original supplied Drake 30cm freeride fin most of the time, with a Gator 6.5m or a Blade 6.2m. More recently I also sail it with a 5.5m Blade, either with the 30cm freeride fin (lighter wind) or with a 25cm wave fin if the wind is stronger. It only really works with the 25cm fin if I put the foot straps in the inboard position (and single back strap). Then the character of the board is dramatically changed.

I think taking the time to change footstrap positions to match conditions / rig is key.

As for larger sails for light winds, recently I've been going the other way - large board / smaller sails. My Gator 6.5m works fine with the Kode 103 but does feel like that's the largest the board will comfortably take. Blade 6.2m feels perfect.

I weigh 92 kg btw.

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29 Aug 2016 12:57PM
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I have the Kode 94 - it's super versatile.

I got a Tuttle box installed and use it as an ocean slalom board with a 27cm Lockwood SL1 carbon fin and KA Koncept 6.2m cam sail.

Or as a B&J board with a Blade 6.2m and 27cm Prototype wave fin.

Before I changed the box to Tuttle I had a couple of 25 knot wind B&J sessions with a 5.3 Gator and 23cm JP Wave which worked well.

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30 Aug 2016 12:53AM
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Plenty of Kode 94 rider's around here using sails as small as 4.4 and as big as 6.7, and if the water is rough or choppy, doing very well in speed, early planing, and good jibing.


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