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Severne Dyno 105

Created by timbo16 > 9 months ago, 23 Feb 2018
QLD, 27 posts
23 Feb 2018 11:22AM
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Have had two sails on this board, I'm 95 pies and currently have a Fanatic freewave stubby 105.

First sail was on flat water, good speed, seemed to keep up with those around me on more flat water orientated boards well.
Felt a bit 'stiff' around the corners when compared with my Fan FW but I suspect thats because I am running the Fan. with a 19cm centre fin and the Dyno comes with a 22.

Anyway, second sail was at Currumbin (Gold coast point wave) 3-4ft, powered up 5.3 (Blade), so pretty much full on cross shore wave conditions. Board felt like a large waveboard, nice and secure through the bottom turn like a quad, but with a loosish feel off the top with your back foot right on the tail. Loved the speed - felt like had heaps of speed for top turns and, best of all, seemed to instantly accelerate when power applied, great for making it around close out sections. A mate was on his quatro quad and commented I seemed to be tracking high upwind.

So for me better on a wave than the Fan FW and actually felt faster on flat water.
Haven't tried it straps out/big centre yet, but reckon the domed deck and good speed would be great for cruising the bay. Quoted max sail size is 7.0m, but think that might be a bit of a strech.

Be also interesting to try it with the 20cm centre that comes with the 95 litre version for onshore days when you want things more skatey.

Have always wrestled with owning specialist wave board that I use 5 times a year, but found most FW's too stiff , (hence the 19 on the current board), which was pretty good. Bit think this may well be the solution, just with multiple fins!!

As a final point the allen key bolts for fins and footstraps is genius for a board of this nature where you will be moving straps around and would otherwise be stripping phillips head screws!

QLD, 5 posts
23 Feb 2018 12:01PM
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thanks for the review

VIC, 659 posts
26 Feb 2018 8:36AM
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Tried a 95 last night well powered up with a 4.7 for about 20 minutes. Fast, easy board, tracks well, but doesn't feel stiff (I even planed out of a couple of gybes, which is rare for me). Feels smaller than 95. Oblivious to harsh chop.

WA, 1366 posts
26 Feb 2018 12:55PM
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These are my impressions. I was around 95 to 100kgs when I rode the board, I usually chose wavesailing as my first option, but love a good freeride or bump n jump session on flatwater when the surf is rubbish or the wind is light.

I have spent a bit of time on the 105, had my first runs on flat water, well powered on a 5.3m Blade, board felt pretty fast as a freestyle wave board, gybes really well and get planning without to much effort, it did feel a bit odd to start with having the squared off nose, The board sits pretty flat when planning, I was running it as a single fin, found it does have a decent top speed.

I also had a couple of sessions in the waves, powered on a 5'6m S1, 3 footstrap set up also had the thruster set up but with the smaller 95lt centre fin. I could really blast around out in the ocean swell and it tracks upwind really well so you can get more waves by cutting out and extra tacks to get back up wind to the peek, On the wave was the real surprise, looking at the board on the beach you wouldn't think it would turn so well on the wave, but bottom turns were easy, held its speed well and allowed for my dodgy timing to be adjusted to get into a good spot for a top turn with good speed to get a nice turn in, and it does top turn really well for how wide the board is, and doesn't take any special technique to do your turns.

I did sail it with a 7.0m Gator, the wind was pretty light so only got planning a few times, it did hold the sail size well but started to feel more like a Freeride board as we had the 4 strap option set up, with a bigger centre fin.

So I did have to give the board back but would be happy to add one to my collection for some flat water fun is the surf is flat or for the small wave lighter wind days.

VIC, 292 posts
26 Feb 2018 10:53PM
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Borrowed the 95 Dyno from The Zu here in Victoria over the weekend and quite a few of us had a go. Coming off my 83L Nano @ 70kg I though it would be a bit unwieldy but was really comfortable blasting around the bay in 18-23 knots on my 4.8 S1 Pro. It really gobbles up the chop and has great pop off even the smallest ramp. Ride was a lot more freeridey, sedate and less technical compared to the Nano, turns are nice and smooth but a bit more drawn out compared to the Nano too. Glides through gybes, lots of volume under foot makes it hard to stuff up.

Perfect board if you want to transition in to the waves but still like big floaty jumps and blasting around flat water. Here is a little vid from the weekend with some on board shots of the Dyno on the water.


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