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Used board jumped a lot

Created by ESM > 9 months ago, 16 Jul 2015
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16 Jul 2015 9:03AM
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If you are buying a used board, should it matter if you know it has been jumped a lot? Would that impact the value?

WA, 365 posts
16 Jul 2015 11:14AM
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I've got a couple of boards for sale, "never jumped and only ridden to church on Sundays"
Check for soft spots under the pads.

Mark _australia
WA, 18967 posts
17 Jul 2015 11:35PM
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A wave board chop-hopped a lot, or a slalom board used like they don't give a sh!t?
A waveboard owned by a 50kg chick sailing B&J - or a 100kg bloke trying to learn forwards in 30kn?

Big difference.....

Oh yeah all of mine are in the former categories.


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