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What's the best Sup / windsurfer crossover board

Created by Waiting4wind > 9 months ago, 2 Oct 2010
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2 Oct 2010 10:41AM
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I'm looking to get a SUP for my 42kg partner - a beginner. But I'd like to use it in the surf with a rig. Is there a SUP thats a good compromise for this.

I've tried the naish 11' 3" and it felt a bit big for both applications. I also found it diffcult to carve a wave with a sail on. The mast base is a far way forward and you needed to get back on the board to get anough pressure on the rails, felt awkward (but it's probably my inexperience).

Suggestions and thoughts welcome.

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2 Oct 2010 7:47PM
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Hey Waitin 4,

Try the 10'6" Naish, Fanatic 10' or even the new 9'6" Fanatic. The little Fanatic would be the best wavesailer by far and would be fine for your missus to learn on at her size.



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2 Oct 2010 7:19PM
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tabou 9'2".
Best EVER!

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3 Oct 2010 9:47PM
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I've just got a Starboard Converse 9' in cammo, which has mast track and footstrap plugs, which most boards do not.
Footstraps are not essential for SUP sailing, but the boards are a pig to carry in and out of water without them with a rig on.
All the Starboard Cammo's under 9' have the footstrap plugs.
It's plenty big enough for me at 80kg, so your 42kg fleabite missus will have no dramas.
It sails well enough. None of them plane like a proper windsurfer, so they all plug along, but it surfs well too.
Great cross-over exercise while you're waitingforwind2 !!

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4 Oct 2010 11:17PM
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ok with all the red thumbs i'd better qualify my call as the best SUP/Sail combo i've used yet.
Used it up at gnaraloo a few weeks ago, and a few of the other boys also had a go. I'll look for the photos of the other guys soon.

Unlike some of the other boards I've tried it went rail to rail like a dream.
I could get it more vert with a sail than any other SUP in the waist high mush we got up there. I was able to get real pivot style top turns and could con command blow the fins out and get a nice tail slide goin on.

For its size it has 150L volume which is almost 25L more than the JP 9'3 which i spent lots of time on last season. The Tabou is wider in the tail but loser on the wave due to the higher tail rocker.
I could easily get the JP or the Tabou planing, unlike others have said about other boards. The JP is very early planing.

I've also tried naish 11'something, AHD seal, stbd 9'8 element and fish tail.
The Tabou is maybe the nicest to SUP of all of them aswell. I think its almost as easy as a Naish Mana 9'5 to SUP .

I think footstraps on a SUP/sail is bolloks. you cant turn them if your locked in.
You need to walk around the board, to make the nice turns, and to keep the board surfing in the crap conditions we buy them to use in.

When SUP sailing i find i can go won a few fin sizes. However SUPing with the same smaller fins i found hard to get my takeoffs good and my wave count diminished.

The largest sail I've ever used is a 5.1 on the SUP. The lighter the sail the better for uphauling in the break. When a sail is too large you get backwinded too easily on takeoff.

I like the grip on the tabou the best, but still find that using booties allows for a heaps stronger attachment to the board and allows for a stronger latteral push to blow the fins out in the topturns regular waveriding style.

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24 Oct 2010 10:06AM
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Ended up getting a Fanatic Fly 10'. Given me and my partenr are both SUP beginners she had no problem with stability on this board (with only 42kg you'd expect that) and suprisingly I could manage it with my 90kg with no problems in flat water. Using it in the surf as a SUP will be another question?

The first thing we both noticed is the easy glide of this board (compared to the previous board we tried), it seemed light and slippery on the water.

The dog likes it too! Can't keep him off it, as he sees you taking off he's on in a flash. I saw him standing on in in the garage yesterday, bizzare!

I haven't had a chance to put a sail on it yet or get it into to the surf but will report back as soon as I do.


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