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Awesome weekend.

Created by JBATES > 9 months ago, 13 Oct 2013
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13 Oct 2013 3:49PM
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Best weekend of sailing in ages. Day st yesterday and some good jumping at u turns today. I think there will be some sore bodies tomorrow.

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13 Oct 2013 9:26PM
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Have to agree. Haven't sailed since the states and today at U's was bloody fun!!!

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13 Oct 2013 9:49PM
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Heres a few pics that Phoebe took,

I took a heap of footage, will try to get a movie together soon :)

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13 Oct 2013 11:16PM
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Nice shots Phoebe, an awesome day, Ueys doesn't get much better. So good to get a day of sw jumping!

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14 Oct 2013 8:06AM
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Nice photos.

Always tricky when you have to get a babysitter to go sailing. Did the quick splash and dash at Seacliff. U turns looked the goods thou.

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14 Oct 2013 1:10PM
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Great moves and photos. Seems like it would have been epic down there!


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