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Cannonball Run 2023 This Saturday 21St Jan 2023

Created by WsurfingSA > 9 months ago, 19 Jan 2023
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19 Jan 2023 3:00PM
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HI all

This Saturday 21St Jan2023 is the day for the Cannonball Run from Grange to Semaphore

Marlborough St Grange to Semaphore Car Park as per previous events.

Registration at 1.30pm
Car pool transfers 2ish.
Ready for racing from 3, with the wind looking good for the afternoon.

All entrants must be WSA registered to cover any insurance issues.
PFD is a must.

All are welcome.

See you there.


SA, 1099 posts
20 Jan 2023 7:45AM
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Prizes are packed and ready to go

Dr Duck
SA, 450 posts
20 Jan 2023 8:14AM
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I am away this weekend unfortunately. Best of luck to everyone - hope the wind cranks for you.

Chinny Oz
SA, 114 posts
20 Jan 2023 9:26AM
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It's a conspiracy...
2 time winner Dr Duck - absent
French speedster Olivier - back to France
Reigning Windfoil champ RobMac - absent.
Reigning Fin champ ChinnyOz - absent

It's a weak fleet

Seriously though, good luck to all. Looks like a good forecast with a bit more South in the wind direction. Could be lots of gybing as opposed to a straight drag race.
Look forward to seeing who takes the title.
Thanks WSA for organising and Ty from Ocean Surf Co for supporting.
Sorry I am missing it. Great fun.

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20 Jan 2023 1:10PM
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I'm keen to give it a go, it'll be the first time for me.
I'll do my best to try and keep up with the group.

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21 Jan 2023 9:15PM
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Great Day of Racing from Grange to Semaphore today.

Thanks to all who helped and raced.

Solid 20knot breeze

Heaps of laughs had by all, big runs way out to sea, few big stacks.

Approx 19mins for the winner Tim Haselgrove, showing tactical brilliance by making the first gybe and getting the edge on the pack.

Results as follows.

1st Tim (Can you smell that, it's victory) Haselgrove
2nd Ian (My Sail is the biggest) Rushton
3rd Michael (Rocking a 2000ish needle slalom board and flying) Kain
4th Matt Hansen
5th Dean Ryles (big stack miles out to sea, tried to claim it at the kiter flags, but no cigar on this one!)
6th Tye (I'm still open) Andrews
7th Jason Flak
8th Andy Gill
9th Jack Harbison
10th Josh (I snapped a boom and went and got another one and still finished) Goldfinch
11th DNF Chris Humphries ( Snapped a uni, figured you were okay, glad you were)

Big thanks to Geoff Mitton for being a shuttle to help get crew back to their cars, and Bonders for being the linesman.

We are looking at a slalom race on the 1st weekend of Feb.
Either at boggy or Semaphore.

Big shout out to Ocean Surf for everyone getting a prize.

These are heaps of fun, the more people the more laughs

Come and get involved you don't need to win to have good time!!

Well done guys!!


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21 Jan 2023 10:01PM
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16 Feb 2023 9:24AM
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