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Kent Reserve today - Now with video!

Created by divaldo > 9 months ago, 28 Feb 2010
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28 Feb 2010 9:21PM
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Great day at Kent Reserve today, solid 20 knots early, then kicked in for a 25-28 kts for the afternoon.

(just a quick little clip)

Simon, Russ, Bert, Zubby, Richard, Jeff, Kym, James, Darren and Myself had the place to ourselves, some good waves as well as some great flat speed sections, bloody good weekends sailing,

Slim Jim
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1 Mar 2010 7:51AM
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Nice pics! What a rippa session. Unsure why I hunger for gusty side offshore, when steady side onshore conditions & waves abound. "Backside wave riding's a blast!"

Hey Russ, that wave near the cray pots would've had a 1.5 m face?

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1 Mar 2010 8:12AM
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nice pics wish I could have been down there to take some shots
and watched you guys rip it up

nice video as well

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1 Mar 2010 9:54AM
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Was a fun sail - a couple o nice lumps off the back reefs for sure James - still prfer cross off waves (even if gusty) any day - but was a heap of fun - got snotted by a big set in a no wind patch before the wind really kicked in a bit of fun swimming among the sets - the down winder coming back from the reef (in the video) was a blast especially inside the reef when you hit the "weird wave"

Nice piccies and vid Dave!!!!!

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1 Mar 2010 11:18AM
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Great work Dave.

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1 Mar 2010 7:36PM
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Looks like you guys had a fun day. Robe went off again on Sunday, further down past third ramp. Big Cross shore Backies and forwards

jimbob SA
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1 Mar 2010 11:11PM
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great stuff Dave and Kym, hope yo get up that way and sail with you all at some off your locals, just getting sick of sailing by myself. the weekend at robe was good though a good crew out and then back by myself today at beachport. we will definetly have a beer on easter friday night.


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"Kent Reserve today - Now with video!" started by divaldo