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Mast base

Created by cronie > 9 months ago, 13 May 2017
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13 May 2017 3:37PM
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Hi just after some help i have just got a bombora board and sail but the mast base and knuckle has broke. Does anyone know were i can get a replacement or what else would fit? Please see photos
Thanks in advanced

SA, 39 posts
14 May 2017 7:01PM
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to fix the rubber joint in the first pic you can use something like this

but that bombora base plate will be harder to fix your best bet would be to find something like this

you can slot it into the mast track and attach any modern base to it but you will lose the ability to slide the track back and forth.

I'm assuming it from a long board like a South Pacific or a Capricorn or Big toy ?

good luck.


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