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Robe Trip

Created by RobMac > 9 months ago, 26 Jan 2023
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26 Jan 2023 11:44PM
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27 Jan 2023 4:55PM
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Great footage Rob! I grew up in those Long Beach waves in the '60s. The video brings back so many great memories. The main difference is that you make it all look so much easier that I remember it!

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28 Jan 2023 3:50PM
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Rob, very enjoyable footage of Long Beach and Coronation Beach. Soundtrack, editing, drone; impressive! JPERKS

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29 Jan 2023 8:48AM
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Very cool Rob!

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31 Jan 2023 10:11PM
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Yeah great footage Rob, great job

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4 Feb 2023 5:22PM
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Just wanted to thank you for posting great footage of Robe. Although I've never sailed there, I've heard about it from a sailing mate of mine in Victoria who has fond memories (It think he might be there this week-end?). Maybe someday I'll pry myself away from WA and swing past Cactus on the way to Robe for some fun.


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"Robe Trip" started by RobMac