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South East locations and wind directions

Created by awg > 9 months ago, 3 Apr 2023
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3 Apr 2023 7:38AM
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I'm heading to Beachport over Easter, taking both flat water and wave gear. The current forecast is for lots of W and some SW wind. I've sailed there a bit before, but would appreciate advice on recommended sailing spots for those wind directions.

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3 Apr 2023 5:02PM
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Im no expert on the area but sailed there quite a few times - beachport surf beach on wnw or 1k down the beach towards south end if more nth might be worth a look friday - swell looks small but might be a few ankle slappers if your lucky

If its ssw possibly third ramp robe - cross onshore if its strong- be crap direction if float n ride under 20 knt

Might be some options down port mac way but not sure in forecast direction

No idea what the lake needs


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