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Summer Slalom Series 1St Race Boggy Lake 12 Nov

Created by WsurfingSA 3 months ago, 6 Nov 2023
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6 Nov 2023 12:57PM
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Hi All

We are looking at getting a Slalom race in before the Christmas break as part of the Summer Slalom Series.

We have decided the first race will be at Boggy Lake this Sunday 12th Nov

Captain's Meeting at 2pm with 4 races throughout the afternoon.

Race format to be decided on the day.

Forecast looks good

Prize pool from Ocean Surf Co. and cash 1st place from Resimax.

You need to have current WSA Membership, this will cover you for the rest of the races, the Cannonball Run and the Wave Comps in Winter and the Beachport Speed Challenge.

At this point we are going for it so dust off your slalom gear and get ready to cut off your mates going round the gybe mark.
It's slalom time
Even if you wanna run wave gear come along and cut some laps, should be a laugh.


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6 Nov 2023 2:45PM
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12 Nov 2023 7:01AM
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Race day!!

lao shi
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12 Nov 2023 8:25PM
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Well done everyone. Big thanks to Ty, Ian and Tim. Tim dominating the races in challenging conditions.
Great prizes from Ocean Surf Co.

Thanks WSA

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12 Nov 2023 10:38PM
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13 Nov 2023 1:18PM
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Another great day on the water in tricky conditions, with some full-on big fast gear racing, foil v fin action and big stacks!

Congrats to all the crew involved.

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14 Nov 2023 8:40AM
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15 entries for the day

3 races all up

1st Timmy Haselgrove
2nd Ian Ruston
3rd Andrew Hannon
4th Matt Hansen
5th Matt Tims

1st Mark Slade
2nd Rob Macpherson

Well done crew

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16 Nov 2023 10:31AM
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Well done to everyone who turned up.

Plenty of laughs.

Pity not to see more of the hardcore lake sailors come and do some laps.

Looking forward to the next race, The Cannonball Run after Christmas

Thanks to the sponsors Ocean Surf Co and Resimax.


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