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Wunderground weather site

Created by jn1 4 months ago, 1 May 2019
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1 May 2019 7:45PM
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A work colleague sent me a link to this weather site (apologies for cutting/pasting such a long URL).

It should look like this:

It's a weather site with data coming from the public's own weather stations (which my colleague's weather station is apart of). Although no stations are located at the beach front (where they need to be for us), it looks fairly promising that it seems to be agreeing with BOM. We'll have to talk Clive into putting one in :). Nb/ The wind barbs point into the wind.

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2 May 2019 2:44PM
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Perhaps WSA can team up with KSA and get a couple of the Surf Life Saving or Yachting clubs to hook a couple up.


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"Wunderground weather site" started by jn1