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seacliff today

Created by ITSON > 9 months ago, 31 Jan 2010
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31 Jan 2010 7:45PM
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it was a great windsurf today got some small airs
and was planing non stop im hoping for a good windsurf on thursday

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31 Jan 2010 8:14PM
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Nice sailing today Kurt, you are sailing heaps well young man!

It was tough conditions today, very strong early SW 25 knots plus, then SE fickle rubbish from around 4pm onwards, at lease the beer was cold, still managed a good sail for 45 minutes on my 5.7 cranked downhaul and the trusty beat up 92, must get a few repairs fixed on this board....

Dean doing the pack up on the beach.....what is with that?

even Darren was into it....

Marty has a beard, and also packs his gear up on the beach

Tom and Phoebe went cruising in Daves fire truck!

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2 Feb 2010 12:52AM
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Sounds like you guys had an ok sail at Seacliff. We had 30knots + at Sema4 and blew hard till 6pm.


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