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2019 gear...

Created by geared4knots 9 months ago, 26 Jun 2018
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26 Jun 2018 12:01PM
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Just the heads up on new gear.
Limited stock holdings by importers mean that ensuring you get that new bit of Kit it is best to pre-order, now .
At the moment ( this week) pre orders are happening for most brands around the country at your local windsurf shop.
summer 2019 gear for first delivery in September.
Naish, Fanatic, Jp, Starboard, North, Severne , Gun, Hot, Padrik , Tabou, Gaastra .Ezzy ,NP etc etc etc..
Foiling gear and more.
Advantages with pre orders are you are guaranteed to get the gear and often you can negotiate a pre order discount.


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"2019 gear..." started by geared4knots