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Dorans carnage

Created by appleman > 9 months ago, 13 Mar 2018
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13 Mar 2018 6:07PM
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So the wind picked up to 20, 25 knots monday arvo and a few mis- haps took place' dislocated shoulders ' oyster cuts and the usual banter.
The Ambos turned up and the green whistle was on the puff , no doubt.
How did you go Jonathan??
Hope your ok??..

Jonno N
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13 Mar 2018 8:55PM
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Yes I'm OK! Thank you everyone who helped me out yesterday!
I wasn't even going fast - was practically stationary towards the end of a gybe, and on the rig flip the harness line caught me and I catapulted onto the sail/mast. Luckily the shoulder went back in pretty easily in the emergency department.
Thank you especially to hatted sailor (is it Rob?) who got me to the shallows and called the ambulance; and to Relic and Les and others for helping me out on land and packing up my van! Don't know where I'd be without you guys!!
Some before and after Xrays:

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13 Mar 2018 10:07PM
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glad you ok.
lucky you are training at Dorans.
when you get to Marrawah its the gear you worry about.
Ant below.

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13 Mar 2018 10:08PM
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14 Mar 2018 7:09AM
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I feel sick looking at it, Ants rig that is not the x-rays haha

Jonno N
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15 Mar 2018 11:55AM
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Also I just realized that several selfless people went looking for me around the bay the other day.
Just can't say enough how much I thank and appreciate their efforts - even getting their feet cut on oysters, and damaging their gear on rocks while looking for me. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


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