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HENTY .. lil one

Created by bearhoover > 9 months ago, 20 May 2018
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20 May 2018 8:04PM
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It all started a short time ago, about 24 hours. Cookie messaged me a simple message that held a lot of depth ... weve done this many times ..." HENTY tomorrow?"

I couldnt see an issue and soon roped Paul in, huge logistical nightmare getting gear sorted and with the promise of a late departure the plan was set. 8 hours driving in thr car we were off to the wet west coast.

Its pouring with rain still now ... not sure where we are ... it all looks the same. But i am sorry to say, the henty is no longer the same - its gone.

After quite an easy drive in we discovered the river breaking to the ocean mere metres from the carpark ... we had come a long way to see a very dissapointing sight.

See pictures below ... will be a while before this one is back.

Dissapointed but not deterred we decided to go have a look at little henty ... much harder to get into we had both vehicles bogged at one stage. If we were not well prepared (thanks cookie) we would have been one of the stories of vehicles lost to the ocean quite quickly.

Foam over a metre high with rocks under, waves surging and sand soft as soft gets its fair to say dont give this one a go unless your sure.... and a little silly.

After getting the bog sorted i was ready to bail... wasted trip ... lets go home... we still couldnt see the river at this stage.

Both the van and the 4x4 were now moving and we decided to go for it , on low.tyre pressures and high commitment we went throigh the foam and rocks on the off chance there was something beyond... we just wanted to sail.

Adventure paid off , the little henty had potential... not much wind averaging 17 knots but we had come too far not to have a go... all rigging big ... sailing slowly the first part of the river was fin scraping territory.

We dredged and walked maybe 1.5km down river and found a split .. the ocean edge looked good and was deep enough as long as you dodged an S bend sand finger in the middle and had little regard for somewhere to slow down.

Whilst not 4km long ... i guess thats why its called the "little henty" this run is flat ... very flat ... oil slick silence flat ...

Had some great runs and i think the potential of this place is up there...

We had picked up all our broken feelings and made something of the day ... not much wind bit i think the spot record list may need updating shortly ... just saying.

Always an epic adventure down here ... its still pouring...

So the henty lives ... its just not the big one ... but the little henty is a river too
Pictures will come... cant make them work from phone

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21 May 2018 7:15PM
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Big Henty

Little Henty

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21 May 2018 10:12PM
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Nice story, great adventure

TAS, 35 posts
21 May 2018 10:24PM
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Top work guys, good adventure for the day and fun rewards too by the look of it.
Good work putting the van 'on the line' getting around those rocks a well.

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21 May 2018 10:32PM
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Bummer about Henty , but it was getting difficult to sail and now it's broken through to the ocean again it may end up being better again over coming months? Well done getting out at Little Henty, sounds and looks like a good run. Does it work on more of a northerly or a westerly, compared to Henty?

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22 May 2018 7:48AM
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Bit sad that big Henty has disappeared, hopefully shall soon return!! Little Henty looks alright though. Can't believe where you take that van Cookie, is it 4WD?

Al Planet
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22 May 2018 5:19PM
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Just awesome , that looks like some really smooth water. I need me one of those VW van thingies but when looking for a second hand one if I see one with a Nelson Bay address (careful owner, fantastic condition) I will give it a miss!

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22 May 2018 7:18PM
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By the size of the footstraps on that new isonic did you have Chewbacca sailing with you ?

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22 May 2018 9:46PM
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I think westerly is the go Dave. NW would be broad like it has been lately on the Henty. We didn't sail all the sections that we could have done because we were only there for a short time.
Access wasn't as bad as it looked, we only got stuck because we stopped to assess the track onto the beach in some soft sand.
The van is a VW 4 motion kazza, it's a type of 4x4 with a dif lock. Goes well on the sand if you drop the tyre pressure.

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23 May 2018 5:07PM
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Access might be better from Trial Harbour??


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