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Marrawah Merkin Classic

Created by Relic > 9 months ago, 15 Jan 2018
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15 Jan 2018 7:09AM
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The highly coveted Marrawah Merkin Classic Perpetual Trophy.
Jimo scored high with some long rides
Appleman came out firing.

Major Sponsor, Head Judge, and Event Photographer and Merkin Aficionado, Tappo Couldn't separate the three contestants declaring a three way heat on the first day of competition.
Jimo continued to tear it up
Apple continued to charge.

Relic scored high with some long rides
As the breeze swung more cross of conditions just got better, providing glassy smooth faces.

Day two...
Relic was the only one who dared take on The Bluff in treacherous conditions.

Apple donned the merkins to signal the start

winner and rare prized merkin.
Merkins all round.
Thanks to Event sponsor Marrawah Merkins' Hazel CEO; Custom merkins for any occasion, Tappo; head judge/photographer/ guide and all round legend as well as the great field of contestants that made the journey to Marrawah.
The Marrawah Merkin Classic Perpetual Trophy and more merkins are up for grabs next year.

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15 Jan 2018 9:40AM
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Great photos, am envious and pissed that I did not make the effort to get up there on Friday. Apples you might make it to the pearly gates with some of those airs but I don't think they let you in and Relic nice rides onya boys.

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15 Jan 2018 1:42PM
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Oooohhh - a very 'off' cross-off is sooooo cool!

That looks like a classic day, and may have been the long drive for the one sail...

That said, it is blowing nicely there right now.

I hope that you get an 'expression session' in today to cap it all off.

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15 Jan 2018 7:00PM
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Yep....howling SSW all day. Too much sand blowing around to get camera out!

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15 Jan 2018 11:06PM
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Looks good up there, love the blue and white naish sail

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16 Jan 2018 4:22AM
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You put Merkins on a .......
So that must make you all a bunch of ....s

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16 Jan 2018 6:53AM
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Love it!! You guys are classics

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16 Jan 2018 5:01PM
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Monday provided some bonus conditions for Appleman and me.
Bluff turned it on with 25-35 knots seabreeze and some up to head high waves rounding up a classic weekend up Marrawah.

Claire took some photos of the day.

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16 Jan 2018 6:19PM
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16 Jan 2018 8:36PM
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16 Jan 2018 8:57PM
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16 Jan 2018 9:02PM
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outstanding even


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