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Windsurfing Tasmania - Season 18-19

Created by clarence 1 month ago, 1 Sep 2018
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1 Sep 2018 12:12PM
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The WT calendar is nearly sorted- still a few dates and times to finalise (hopefully we'll have something confirmed this week).

For September and October, to get things started, the following events will be going ahead.

September 2018
Sat 15 or Sun 16 WAVE SAILING #1
OR Venue: North
Sat 22 or Sun 23 Briefing: TBA
Contact: Clarence Macalister 04888 46642 OR Gillian/Alan 0488 586 076

Sat 29 AND/OR 30 FREE RACE #1 and RACEBOARD #1
Venue: Swansea
Briefing: TBA
Contact: Clarence Macalister 04888 46642

October 2018
Contact: Gillian van der Schans 0488 586 076

Sat 20 or Sun 21 WAVE SAILING #2
OR Venue: South
Sat 27 or Sun 28 Briefing: TBA Contact: TBC

More details ad information shortly.

All these events are state title events. Raceboarding will have a modified scoring system and it will not be essential to complete raceboard events to get the state title.

Clarence Macalister

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6 Sep 2018 11:07PM
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Post for the first event is up on the Windsurfing Tasmania facebook page.

Formatting in the above post didn't come up to well...

To clarify- event 1:

Wavesailing Round #1
15-16 OR 21-22 September
Northern Tasmania (Bellbuoy Beach OR Greens Beach OR Bakers Beach)
Likely briefing time 10:30 for 11:30 start (TBC)

The event will be ONE day only, whichever is the best over the two allotted weekends.
This gives us the best chance of holding a successful event.

We will confirm date and time and location on seabreeze.

This event will count to the State Title.

We will get emails out to previous WT members to renew membership.

It will be possible to join WT on the day, but logistically it is a bit easier if most of the memberships of participants are sorted out beforehand.

Hopefully we get some conditions like we had at the two northern events last year (like this).


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18 Sep 2018 7:38PM
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What a day it was on Saturday for the wavesailing at East Beach. A great start to the season. Wind, waves and sun- even if it was freezing cold. Very good selection of location from Al and Gillian- ballistic but not reckless.

Next event is the freerace and raceboard at Swansea on the weekend of 29/30 September.

The freerace event will be the "priority". Rules for freerace will be the same as last season, and will only run if wind is over 15 knots.

The raceboarding will run in anything from 8 to 20 knots. If both events run, the raceboarding will fit in around the freerace.

More details in the next few days.


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19 Sep 2018 7:40AM
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That's AFL Grand Final weekend. Doesn't bother me but it may others

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19 Sep 2018 10:47AM
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We can go and watch it at the pub in between- I'll bring my Collingwood flag just in case.


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